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what is a property e-zine?


A property e-zine is a magazine that is truly different. It is delivered via email, directly into your inbox, so there are no print, postage or delivery costs. Within the magazine there are a wide range of articles covering many different aspects of the market. It is similar to the property supplements you get with the Sunday newspapers. The articles are geared to appeal to the typical local property buyer, seller, landlord or tenant and cover topics ranging from the latest interior design trends to local and regional price movements. All the articles are written by professionals with extensive experience of the relevant subject. They are designed to be informative, engaging and accessible in order to maximise their appeal to the target audience. The e-zine also stimulates direct sales through the featured property section, which has a number of selected properties, as well as plentiful links to the agency’s full properly portfolio.

What does it do?

The property e-zine keeps you in regular contact with your entire database, past and present. It puts your name in front of them on a monthly basis, so when it is time to sell, buy or rent a house, you will be the obvious starting point. You can keep growing the database by ensuring that everyone you come into contact with is signed up. When you have your own e-zine, you don’t need to call all those people who were going to sell their house three years ago but never did. You probably don’t have the time. The e-zine contacts them for you, once a month, regardless of how many thousands of people that you may have in your database. Next week they may decide it is time to sell.

How does it work?

To produce an e-zine requires a lot of time and technical knowledge, but don’t worry, flamefish do all the hard work so you don’t have to. Just send send us your logo and your corporate colours and we can create your own, fully branded and liveried publication. Once this has been done, all you need to do is to send us the details of six featured properties and a short monthly report on your own local market.

How much does it cost?

This quality of e-zine is normally only ever accessible to the largest chains of estate agents. However because the production costs are shared by all of flamefish’s clients you can compete with their marketing spend, as to produce your own branded version costs just £150/month/branch.