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Q. Why would I want an email newsletter or “e-zine”?

Simply put, because an e-zine can have a real impact on your business, increasing your chances of retaining previous customers by up to 45%.

“A study by the Personal Marketing Company ... showed if agents mailed a regular newsletter to previous clients, they would increase their chances of a relist by 45%.“

—Carla Cross, The Real Estate Agent’s Business Planning Guide

Q. How does an e-zine work?

By building trust. A professionally produced, superbly presented and engaging e-zine is a subtle but exceptionally effective method of building a client relationship. It promotes your credibility and enhances people’s confidence in your professional knowledge and standards.

e-zines are low cost yet highly effective:

  • Cost effective to send – you can email thousands of households at a fraction of the cost of printed mail-outs.
  • Content changes monthly so your client base feel they are constantly kept up to date with the latest important information and tips.
  • An easy and cost effective way to keep your company name in front of past and prospective customers – they are much more likely to remember you when buying or selling a property.
  • The e-zine works your contact list (which is probably doing nothing at the moment) and could result in up to 45% more business.
Q. Couldn’t I just do it myself?
A. It is possible to do it yourself, but it takes a lot of time and experience to deliver a commercial quality product. We do it using a team of experienced writers, graphic designers, photographers, various IT professionals and it takes around four weeks to put all together... with an e-zine, if you don’t do it right it won’t work.
Q. Is there a set-up charge?
A. Yes, there is a one-off charge to over-brand your e-zine and to input the database, which is normally equivalent to one month’s standard payment, with a minimum of £250.
Q. Is there a minimum commitment or contract?
A. Yes, there is a 12 month minimum contract after which you can opt out with just one month’s notice.
Q. Is our Data safe?
A. Yes. Your Data is very safe as our servers have stringent firewalls. We are also a registered data controller with the ICO (reg No. ZA062075).
Q. What do I need to provide to over-brand my newsletter?
A. You just need to provide your logo in hi-res and your two main brand colours.
Q. Can I send e-zines to a purchased database?
A. We have a very strict anti-spam policy; our system can only be used for opt-in email marketing. If the list you have purchased has backup data proving the subscriber has opted in then it may he acceptable. Please contact our sales team to discuss any concerns you may have.